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Greetings from Blinking Cursors Technologies. This page gives you an idea why we exist.

Our Motto

' Technology for value creation '

Our Vision

Our vision is to help Small & Medium Businesses to utilize technology in a way that will add value to their business. All our services and products have three things built into it as part of our company DNA. We call it ‘ A2E ‘ – Affordable, Effortless & Efficient.

  • Affordable – We call this the age of technology. It is our belief that technology should be affordable, only then can a huge population take benefit from it. Hence we try and keep all our services and products affordable.
  • Effortless – A major drawback for technology adoption is the effort required in learning. Whether you want a new service or a new product, a lot of effort goes into deciding what kind of service is required, hiring for it or if it’s a new product, learning and training on the new product. We make sure whether you take a service or a product from us, the effort to decide and learn will be well what should we say – effortless.
  • Efficient – Let it be affordable, let it be easy to learn, however it does not make a dent unless it adds value to your business or in short makes you and your business efficient. This is where our motto comes into picture. The main aim of our service or product is to make your business as efficient as possible.

Guiding Principles

The world would have been the same, if not for few crazy people. We believe in being ‘crazy’, which means two things for us. Being passionate and always thinking out of the box.

Innovation is what keeps us in business. Always look for areas of opportunity and how they can be improved, even if it means we can reduce the number of clicks to perform a job by 1 click. Failures and criticism come as a free bundle with innovation.

Accomplish more with less. Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and invention. There are no extra points for growing headcount, budget size or fixed expense.

Be Curious
Curiosity about new possibilities and ways to explore them. Learning never stops in life.

Think Big
Long term is always better than short term.